The Skygauge
Your Tool to Access any Structure

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Ships and Tankers


Offshore Platforms



Perform Safer Inspections

Using drones for inspections eliminates risk associated to work at height. The worker stays safely on the ground while the drone reaches remote and hazardous inspection points.

Minimize Downtime

Get back into operations sooner by making inspectors more productive with the Skygauge. Drones offer rapid access to tall structures meaing that inspectors will complete their jobs 5-10 times faster.

The Skygauge Adaptive Platform

The Skygauge flies by tilting the rotors to control the aircraft. This makes it a stable platform that is adaptable to any inspection.

Repeatable Readings

Repeatability of readings is important for tracking corrosion over time and meeting inspection code. Using the Skygauge inspector will collect data in the exact locations they need them.

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